Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have taken the first few steps toward a more spiritual life. I have found, I hope, a path I can follow. I have chosen a pagan/heathen/animistic path to pursue to worship in a way that suits me. I don't plan to follow any one particular established religion or any other person's path. I plan to worship how and when I find appropriate and worship nature in it's whole.

I purchased two books to guide me and I hope they will help me find my way to a better understanding of myself and my place in the world.

SHEESH! I sound like a bunch of cliches, but sometimes, that is how I feel. I just want to find a way to belong and to feel connected to a higher power. The Native American festivals I have attended have always felt "right" to me in terms of that connection. I just hope I can be true and honest here and with myself. I am not writing FOR anyone but myself, to journal what I do and how I feel. Posts will be sporadic, at best, and likely only highlight the more important happenings.

May you always be peaceful.

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